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La questione sionista e il Vicino Oriente. – Documentazione tratta dall’ “Examiner”: Cronache dell’anno 1947.

Homepage  della Questione Sionista
Examiner, edito in Launceston nella Tasmania, fa parte del progetto Trove, coordinato con la National Library of Australia, ed include una collezione di giornali digitalizzati dal 1803 al 1982 e risorse online australiane. Le annate disponibili dellExaminer  vanno dal 1900 al 1954. Valgono per le fonti neozelandesi gli stessi criteri di raccolta e sistemazione che abbiamo chiamato “a papiro” contenente in un solo post tutti gli articoli dell’annata senza interventi redazionali e quindi concepita per il più ampio numero possibile di fruitori. Nella redazione “a libro” con un post per ogni singolo articolo svilupperemo invece un nostro commentario. Un Indice analitico ed una Cronologia degli eventi menzionati conferiscono unità alle diverse e disparate fonti qui esplorate.


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SommarioAnno 1947 → 1. Britannia, USA ed Ebrei. – 2. La Gran Bretagna è ferma nelle questione sulla Palestina: non può agire da sola. – 3.  Il sionismo raggiunge il suo scopo.  –    4.  – || Indice Analitico (A); Cronologia (C); Commento critico, traduzione italiana, apparati: plus.

Cap. 1

Top 15.2.1947 ↓  c. 2 → A - C -  plus

Britain, U.S.A. and Jews

Examiner, c. 1 
15 February 1947,
 Saturday, p. 2

REPORTS from various sources in the United States leave no doubt that one of the most serious aspects of the Palestine question is the injury the situation is causing to Anglo-American relations. One correspondent declares that “Palestine poison” is beginning to corrode the Anglo-American partnership and that “many Jews here are storing up bitterness and anger toward Britain comparable to the hatred the Irish used to feel. Zionist groups are thinking with their blood and not with their minds. . .”

Apparently a very costly propaganda campaign against Britain’s restrictions upon Jewish immigration into Palestine is being conducted in the American press and on radio stations. The voices of the fair minded and informed people who know the background of the controversy and appreciate Britain’s difficulties are being swamped by the well-organised and expensive blare of hate and intolerance. No attempt is made, by those conducting this campaign, to recognise that Britain has in the past shown herself to be the best friend of the Jewish people. Nor is the Arab case being stated.

The fact that the Arabs, unlike the Jews, have few wealthy compatriots in the outside world willing and able to pour out money for propaganda means that public opinion is being influenced by a onesided picture. The man in the street, knowing little of the Middle East, is scarcely aware that the Arab is a factor in the Palestine situation. He seems to think that Palestine is a practically empty land which a foolish and greedy Britain is denying to the only people who want it - the afflicted Jews from war-torn Europe. Actually there are more than a million Arabs in Palestine, a country less than half tho size of Tasmania, and their rate of natural increase is one of the highest in the world. In addition, there are already about half a million Jews in Palestine.

It is unfortunate that the American Government has done nothing to present the problem to the American people in a fairer light, in the interests of Anglo-American relations and in accordance with the principles of ordinary justice and common decency. Its only contribution has been to increase Britain’s embarrassment by pressing for the admittance to Palestine of a hundred thousand Jews and generally acting as a supporter of rabid Zionism, while carefully avoiding all responsibility. The Jewish problem is a world problem and America should do much more to help Britain in solving it than stand off and proffer advice inspired by Jewish pressure.

The results of the latest conferences in London leave little or no room for hope of Arabs and Jews reaching a compromise agreement. The settlement will have to be imposed from outside. The conduct of the Jews has been such that opinion throughout the Bri tish Commonwealth will strongly oppose any solution detrimental to Arab interests.

Cap. 2

Top 29.4.1947 ↓  c. 2 → A - C -  plus

U. K. firm on Palestine.
Cannot Act Alone

Examiner, c. 2 
29 April 1947,
 Tuesday, p.1

U. K. FIRM ON PALESTINE. Cannot Act Alone

NEW YORK (A.A.P.). - On the eve of the U.N. meeting on Palestine, the British delegation announced that the U.K. could not undertake alone to implement any decision. BRITAIN was ready to accept any plan, a spokesman said but whether the decision was just or unjust, she could offer no more than co-operation with other nations in carrying it out.

If, for instance, the U.N. de- cided on partition, Britain could not be expected to divide the   Holy Land and enforce that division. If troops were needed, to super- vise any action, “they should be Russian, American and French, as well as British.”

U.S. Precautions.

Elaborate precautions are being   taken to prevent any terrorist activity in New York. The Assembly Hall was   searched for bombs and all passes are to be checked at care- fully as at Army Headquarters in wartime. All packages are to be inspected. Known agitators are to be barred from the vicinity of the U.N. Assembly.

Prince Amir Faisal al Saud, one of the Arab leaders, has been given a special. bodyguard at his own request. Sir Alexander Cadogan, British delegation leader, has not asked for any protection. 

Appealing for the U.S. to take the lead in support of the Zionist cause, Dr. Abba Hillel Silver, chairman of the American section of tho Jewish Agency, said that an American stand would be decisive.

The Arab League secretary (Gen. Abdul Azzam Pasha) said that the solution was an independent Palestine. The state of affairs in the country was unbearable, as a result of Jewish terrorism. Zionism, he said, had injured racialism and national chauvinism into a world that had never had Jewish problem.   


(A.A.P.)- It is reported that a secret meeting of Communists from Greece. Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia   decided to send teams of saboteurs   to the Middle East. 

The Greek weekly, “Ethniki Flogu”, says that Greek and Italian Communists, organised the recent   attacks on Haifa oil installations on behalf of Jewish terrorists.

A stern warning has been given Mr. Roksch, Mayor of Tel Aviv, that any further thefts of post office vehicles by Jewish gangsters would lead to total suspension of postal and telegraph facilities in his city.

The Government action followed use of a stolen postal van for the outrage on Sarona police camp last Friday.

Moderates to Act.

Forty thousand members of Haganah have received orders to spy on terrorists and report immediately to their leaders any information they gain about intended outrages.   

The move is part of a vigorous drive against terrorism announced by the Jewish agency.

The agency has announced, that it desires to “dry up the evil stream of ideas which develop into anti-British sentiment and terror- ism.”

The two murder organisations, Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Gang, however, are determined to carry on their attacks. Now operating under a single   leadership, the gangs have distributed a joint pamphlet. This says that they have no intention of observing any truce during the U.N. discussions on Palestine.

Cap. 3

Top 1.12.1947 ↓  c. 2 → A - C -  plus

Zionism Achieves Its Goal

Examiner, c. 3 
1 Dezember 1947,
 Sunday, p. 2


JERUSALEM (A.A.P.) – Preparations for a

mass escape by Jewish prisoners in the Central Prison were discovered yesterday, reports “The Times” correspondent.

THE INTERIOR walls ot the gaol

had been breached and a start had been made in penetrating the

outer walls.

Only eight feet remained be- tween the terrorists, who were members of the Stern Gang and Irgun Zvai Leumi, and the street.

Reports from New York say that the U.N. Steering Commit- tee adjourned yesterday without making a decision on whether the British, Jewish or Arab pro- posals for Palestine's future are to be placed before the General Assembly.

Cap. 4

Top 1.12.1947 ↓  c. 2 → A - C -  plus

Zionism Achieves Its Goal

Examiner, c. 4 
1 Dezember 1947,
 Sunday, p. 2

THE UNITED NATIONS ASSEMBLY has made the momentous decision that Palestine shall be partitioned between the Arabs and the Jews. The long Zionist struggle for a Jewish national state has at last succeeded. It is not surprising that the Arab world bitterly resents the decision and there is reason to fear turmoil in the Middle East. The United Nations Organisation must accept responsibility for carrying out the division of Palestine and for maintaining order. These are now international obligations. Britain is at last to be relieved of the odium and cost in lives and money of policing the country. That is one very welcome result of the decision. The Jewish state in Palestine will be about a quarter the size of Tasmania. Obviously immigration will have to be severely restricted if conditions conducive to the generation of expansionist tendencies menacing to peace are to be prevented. It is, of course, to be hoped that Arabs and Jews will learn to live together in amity, but enmity between them is deeply rooted and there are forces in the world that may desire that-this antagonism be preserved and even aggravated in order that turmoil and strife may provide them with opportunities to advance their own interests in that strategically important part of the globe.

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